Up to 100,000 Songs loaded on an External Hard Drive for iPOD and iPHONE
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If you know someone who LOVES music, they would LOVE you for this gift!

Are you considering purchasing a personal MP3 player, such as an Apple iPOD or an Apple iPHONE?


Or do you already own one and are tired of paying 99 cents to download a song from Itunes? 


Are you aware that the song you just paid for is an encrypted file? 


Do you know that you can’t “share” that song with any other iPOD, iPHONE or computer?


Are you aware of the time it takes to load your vast CD collection into onto an iPOD or iPHONE?

I have done ALL the work for you using Original CDs with a high quality encoder at the best bitrate for quality and space!

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The story about the creation of my hard drives:

When you purchase one of these iPHONEs, what you are actually getting is an “empty box”.  These “boxes” are beautiful and ingenious in design, yet the truth remains that they are essentially “empty”.  Let me tell you my own story:
Last Christmas, my wife surprised me with a brand new 256GB Apple iPHONE 7.  I am a lover of music, so I was ecstatic.  I couldn’t wait to open it up, so I did so.  Soon to find out, it was “empty”.  I couldn’t believe how long it was going to take to load my 3000 CD collection, but I began the dreadful process.  It literally took me thousands of hours to “encode/rip” my CDs onto my Apple iPHONE. If you have the luxury of time to:
1. Clean each CD first (hopefully the scratches aren’t deep enough to make it skip).
2. Download the song database (which by the way has many mistakes and typos, so check it twice).
3. Fill in the genre (which is almost never correct).
4. Wait for it to encode each song.
5. Transfer to the iPHONE.

This is without a doubt, the worst part about owning an iPHONE. Once the bulk of your CDs are loaded, it takes very little time to add a single CD, even if it is twice a week.
The best part of what I am offering is that you only have to do Step #5.  This step takes literally about a second a song if you are using USB 2.0
Think about that: 1 second a song is 60 songs per minute and 3600 per hour!! NOW THAT’S CONVENIENCE!!

There are currently 4 different drives to choose from:

1. 250 GB Hard Drive with 35,000+ Songs
2. 320 GB Hard Drive with 43,000+ Songs
3. 500 GB Hard Drive with 60,000+ Song
4. ALL NEW 1.0TB Drive with 100,000 Songs + 2,000 Billboard Music Videos + 12,000 Karaoke

The 1.0 TB (1,000GB) DJ + + Hard Drive includes:
MP3 songs + My Original DJ Remixes, including 12,000+ Karaoke MP3+G songs. PLUS, the program that allows you to sing along with the Karaoke songs, by displaying the words on your computer.
+ 40,000 Additional Songs
+ 2,000 Billboard HOT 100 Music Videos ranging from the 70s to today encoded at full MPG2 quality. 

The 500GB DJ Hard Drive includes:
48,000+ MP3 songs, I am including 12,000+ Karaoke MP3+G songs. PLUS, the program that allows you to sing along with the Karaoke files, by displaying the words on your computer. Also, Billboard Hot 100 from 1959-2001 & Time Life.

The 320GB Consumer FULL Hard Drive includes:
43,000+ MP3 songs including Billboard Hot 100 from 1959-2001. This drive doesn’t have the DJ “remixes”  or the Karaoke that the DJ Drive does.

The 250GB Consumer LITE Hard Drive includes:
MP3 songs including Billboard Hot 100 from 1959-2001. This drive doesn’t have the Complete Time/Life Collection that the FULL version does.



Albums such as Greatest Hits, Time Life Series, Anthology, Platinum Series, Knockout Hits, DJ Tools.  All drives also includes Billboards Top 100 songs for every year from 1959-2001. 

Genres such as Classic Rock to today’s Progressive Rock. Blues to Jazz. Alternative to Hard Rock. Standards to Adult Contemporary. Disco to Club. Easy Listening to Folk Rock. Freestyle to House. Hip Hop to Rap. R&B to Soul. Soft Rock to Slow Jams. Oldies to Swing. Country to Western.


Don’t DELAY, buy a hard drive now when they’re on SALE for the Holidays and begin enjoying ALL your favorite songs again like I do!!